Around Mauritius

Port Louis

After taking a road trip to the capital, Barry and I were pretty happy that weren’t staying there. Initially, Barry was attracted by the existence of Coworking offices but Port Louis is a busy, relatively unattractive port city. It was kind of fun to explore the port area and read a little about the history but after an hour or so, we were done.

Botanic Gardens & Chateau Labourdonnais

One rainy Thursday (or whatever day, on holiday, not sure of the day of the week), Barry and I drove across the island. When we reached the Botanic Gardens we were lucky enough to get a break in the weather (an actual one).

I wanted to surf the giant lily pads

Things can get pretty twisted

Giant bamboo

Just a big flower

Giant tortoise. They move slowly.

Chateau Lombourdonnais

Chateau Lombourdonnais is an old Colonial sugar plantation and rum distillery (the lemongrass infused rum is particularly delicious). The mansion house oozes old world Colonial charm. It was interesting to wander around the house a learn a little (a very little) about the history.

A lot of the colonists came to Mauritius after fleeing France during the French revolution. The plantation still grows sugar cane for rum and have expanded to growing local fruit and vegetables and is a reasonably large employer for the area. Which is just as well as it’s hard to ignore that all the grandeur was built on slavery.

Mauritius was an uninhabited island until the Portuguese discovered it and the French and British colonised, fought over and populated the island with slaves from Africa.

It’s peaceful now.

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