Bakeries and Beaches – Mauritius


Would you believe it – our two favourite things in one place. Soon after we arrived in Flic en Flac we discovered the little village of Tamarind, about a 15 minute drive away. They had a lovely café/bakery that was open most of the new year week. And three doors down – a Coworking office.

We spent many happy hours in the bakery café. It was one of the few businesses open during the lengthy New Year period. I fell in love with vanilla infused black tea (the tea was grown locally so that made me feel good). A napolitaine is the treat of choice in Mauritius according to my guidebook and sometimes we’d share the  cakey shortbread jam sandwich covered in pink icing (I think it was mostly sugar). Sometimes we had one each. We became quite addicted to them. There are no photos. We ate them.

The Hive

When the Coworking office eventually opened we sampled that too and started wondering if Mauritius was feasible for the next work meetup. Very clever electric cords hanging from the ceiling which meant that we didn’t have to fight over space on a power board where our extra chunky adaptors occupy one slot but cover another two.

We quickly fell into a rhythm of a very relaxed life. The mornings were mostly dry so we’d head down to ‘our’ beach for a swim after breakfast.

We’d either work in the afternoons or find some sort of activity, like driving around in the rain or hiking through the national park or going for a run in the national park and getting caught in a tropical downpour. Fun times.

Later in the afternoon I usually went back to the beach. But not for a run (Marcothon being over and all). Sunset swims in tropical waters are pretty lovely.


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