I Love a Campervan – Iceland

I love a campervan. Before I went to Iceland, I researched every company renting campervans (definitely not motorhomes) I could find. I quickly narrowed it down (mostly by price; it’s not a cheap country) and it was Go Iceland vs Happy Camper. With seemingly little to separate them, we went with Go Iceland, based purely on price. Here’s our review.

Okay, this is not in the parking lot in Reykjavik.

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Two Months in Paradise: Part 7 – St Maarten

Leaving the BVI

I knew the time would eventually come for us to leave the British Virgin Islands and the Caribbean. We knew our April departure would come up all too quickly and we spend the last days frantically cramming in activities we once thought we had plenty of time for – diving, boat trips, beach visits, food to eat, sun and warm water to glory in.

I had more trouble leaving the islands than Barry so when he left to head straight back to Edinburgh for a stag weekend, I spent a few more days with Claudia. When Claudia had to leave too, also to Scotland, for her sister’s wedding, I started my own island hopping adventure.

Tiny Tortola/Beef Island airport and WinAir Airlines provided a tiny plane for the puddle jump to Sint Maarten/St Martin, and was only delayed by a little bit. I got seat No. 1, literally behind the pilot.

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