The Costs – a week in Chiang Mai

I thought it might be useful to give a breakdown on what we’re spending our money on so that you can plan and save for your own travels. We’re on a pretty tight budget and watching the pennies so you can easily spend more than this. We’re travelling as a couple so things like accommodation can be cheaper than travelling alone. We do, however, require our hotels to have halfway descent wifi and a working space. We’re also working on the road so we’re not necessarily having as many of the ‘tourist experiences’ as others might.


Although we’ve since moved on from Chiang Mai, it was only a few weeks ago so the figures might still be relevant, and perhaps helpful to others.


  • 0 Baht – (0 GBP) (0 Euros) (0 USD)

Woo hoo! You might remember that we’ve already paid for a month’s accommodation in Chiang Mai so no forking over cash for a bed this week.

Chiang Mai 001


  • 480 Baht – (9 GBP) (11 Euros) (15 USD)

We’ve settled in like we live here so we had to hire bikes for the week and now we cycle everywhere, just like we would in Scotland. Well, not exactly like. Instead of speedy city bikes we’ve got heavy Chiang Mai ladies shoppers with questionable breaks and gears. Gets the job done.

Ladies Shopper bike

Food and Drinks (non alcoholic):

  • 2756.50 Baht – (52 GBP) (63 Euros) (86 USD)

Seem to be sticking to budget here, thanks to the many street cafes we frequent. We’re starting to make friends with our favourites.

1980-01-06 07.06.51

Drinks (alcoholic):

  • 820 Baht – (16 GBP) (19 Euros) (26 USD)

We are becoming alcoholics. But’s still not costing us a fortune!

2013-12-12 20.13.06


  • 688 baht – (13 GBP) (16 Euros) (21 USD)

Juice, smoothies, iced chocolate, tea, coffee, the odd cake here or there (very odd, Barry’s got me on rations).



  • 0 baht – (0 GBP) (0 Euros) (0 USD)

God, we’re boring. Or maybe just Barry (see below).


  • 260 baht – (5 GBP) (6 Euros) (8 USD)

Mobile top up, insect repellent, the usual essentials.


  • 1490 baht – (28 GBP) (34 Euros) (46 USD)

I quit work for a day and went off to cooking school, which is a big part of the Simone’s fun category. I’ve also been swanning about going to herbal steam, getting massages and having dinner with folk from the guesthouse. So much fun.

The final four courses

TOTAL: 4994.50 BAHT – (95 GBP) (113 EUROS) (155 USD) (Not including Simone’s fun stuff.)


How are you doing on your budget? I’d love to hear from other travellers on a shoestring.

*All transactions were conducted in Thai Baht. Currency conversions are approximate, rounded to the nearest whole, and calculated at the time of writing.*

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