Island Days – Koh Samui

We left Bangkok in first class style. We’d tried to buy second class tickets on the sleeper train to Surat Thani a few days before and were assured that it was, only to find ourselves in a cabin with a door and a lock and water. I guess we’re first class kind of people!

Bangkok and Ko Samui 037


Bangkok and Ko Samui 038

The train left at 5pm and arrived at 4am, with a few hours to wait in between before the bus to the ferry port then the boat to Koh Samui for some long awaited beach/island action.

Flying is probably about the same price, and certainly quicker but, I like to travel slow and it appeals to my environmental sensibilities to take trains. I didn’t sleep particularly well though, I spied some cockroaches in the toilet and then in the cabin and I now have a rash on my legs from the train blanket. So, was it worth it? Not sure.

Bangkok and Ko Samui 046

Barry is fine so I think I might be allergic to the washing powder used in the blankets. I knew I should have packed my silk sleeping bag liner (I blame Barry – he said I was packing too much)!

It was raining hard when we pulled into Nathon Pier. We had every intention of getting local transport but the shouts of clambering taxi drivers and the pissing rain sent us scurrying to accept a transfer to the Secret Garden Resort. We’d booked a surprisingly cheap room, 700 baht per night, and it’s lovely. We’re about five metres from the water with friendly staff and a tasty restaurant.

Bangkok and Ko Samui 040

Barry has been running on the beach every morning that we’ve been here then a quick dip in the ocean. I let him go by himself because my legs were sore and I discovered after the first two days that salt water isn’t actually good for rashes.

Bangkok and Ko Samui 044

We’ve been doing a bit of work type stuff, even me. I’ve been rejected for a few online work things so that’s not great news. I’ve started applying for teaching jobs for next year though. I like this beach bum lifestyle we have going here but it’s not sustainable if I don’t make some money somehow!

We have taken some time away from the laptops though and went to a wee salon down the street for a back and shoulder massage. These Thai ladies are so strong! They don’t know much about anatomy – their back and shoulder massage includes legs and head but I’m not complaining. I could really get used to this massage every week business.

Everyday, I marvel at our current ‘office’ as we work from the beach in the afternoon. Despite my unemployed status, I feel pretty lucky.

Bangkok and Ko Samui 048 Bangkok and Ko Samui 041

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