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As part of my role as a reviewer for, I was lucky enough to spend two nights at Knai Bang Chatt in Kep, a luxury resort on the coast. It’s only 30 kilometres from Kampot and most travellers choose one or the other. I’m really glad I had the time for both.

After getting off the bus I was really pleased to find that Knai Bang Chatt was just a few minutes walk to the famous Kep Crab Market. I spent an hour there eating delicious crab and making a big mess.

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The hotel itself is understatedly gorgeous. The green expanse of lawn was pleasing to my eye and the chairs dotted around cried out for me to watch the sunset with a glass of wine. The hotel is made up of five villas, four of which are original French Art Deco buildings from the 1960s. Because of this all the rooms are very individual.

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My ocean view room housed an enormous traditional Khmer bed, tree stump bedside tables and amazing antique ceramics. I felt like I was truly in a tropical paradise as I gazed at the sea through the gauzey, breezy curtains. It’s been so long since I’ve watched television that I didn’t even notice the absence of a plasma until it was pointed out and I was directed to the library in the Red Villa if I was in need of electronic entertainment. Grand.

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Management took me on a tour of the hotel and I got to see some of the other rooms in other villas. One still had the original floor tiles from 1962 and the modern suite at the top of the Brown Villa was enormous and perfect for honeymooners. Who wouldn’t want a bath near their bed?

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My favourite part of the hotel though was the service and the food and wine. Everyone was happy and smiling (including my fellow guests). My first night, I snuck through the garden gate and ate the best crab cakes ever at the adjacent Sailing Club. When I returned I found that the turndown fairies had visited. They had turned back the duvet and arranged the mosquito net for me (which was an especially nice touch as I probably wouldn’t have bothered on my own).

Kep 005

They had also left behind a delicious bedtime treat – mint mousse with dragonfruit and apple pieces. Beats a mint on the pillow every time. Because I was in a double room, they left two. I ate them both.

Breakfast was so amazing I got a late start to my tourist activities. Muesli, cereal, pastries, tropical fruit, cheese and deli meats were arranged invitingly, along with eggs made to order (the first eggs Benedict I’ve seen in Cambodia) and traditional Khmer noodle soup with shrimps. Of course, I overindulged. Both mornings. Along with copious cups of tea and freshly squeezed pineapple juice.

Kep & Kampot 003

After a hard day of tramping about Kep National Park, strolling along the beach and lazing by the awesome infinity pool, I had dinner in the Strand Restaurant. Memories of a good breakfast were still with me and my tastebuds wanted to find out what the Executive Chef put together for the five course set menu. All sorts of deliciousness.

Kep 067

Kep 068

The turndown fairies visited again and after eating up (both) mini walnut cupcakes (yes, even after a five course meal), I climbed into my huge bed and drifted off.

Kep 069

Check out time the next day came much too soon. I still wish I was by that infinity pool.

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I feel incredibly lucky to have been able stay at Knai Bang Chatt.


I was a guest of Knai Bang Chatt but all opinions are my own and nobody from the company reviewed or approved the text.

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