Why Bulgaria?

Bulgaria is on the way from Melbourne to Edinburgh, you see?

Splitting our lives between Australia and Scotland sometimes means we don’t have time to holiday/travel as much as we’d like. As there isn’t an aeroplane with a big enough tank to fly (actually) direct between our two home cities, we try to pick somewhere interesting for a stopover.

I like to go somewhere new.

Barry likes to go somewhere where he’s confident that the Wi-Fi will be reliable.

Funny, the more successful the company gets, the more stressed about internet quality Barry becomes. Sometimes it takes awhile to get the balance right. On leaving Melbourne at the end of April 2017, it had been almost a full year since Barry’s remote team had seen each other in real life. And some new folk had never met, apart from the Skype or Zoom Room. So we ended up in Bulgaria for a month, obviously.

I’ve never been there (tick), and there’s a Coworking space in the mountains set up by Matthias, who ran the Coworking Camp in Turkey where Barry launched his company.

Where in Bulgaria?

Wanting to get over jetlag (and explore new places!) Barry and I first spent a few days in Sofia. It turns out Sofia is an excellent place for a European city break. I’m not sure if it’s just that I’d spent the previous six months at home in Australia and stopover in Kuala Lumpur but Sofia felt very European. It felt like I was home (again).

Sofia is also an excellent place for a budget traveller (like me, obviously).

I did a free walking tour of the city (well, I gave a tip). I learnt lots of stuff.

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