Two Months in Paradise – Part 5: Hiking St John

St John was a top recommendation for our trip to the Caribbean. Time was running out so Barry and I had to leave Claudia to her nutso 33 mile Tortola Torture race and hope the ferry over to the American Virgin Islands.

The trip from Tortola’s West End to St John is a very short ferry ride and easy day trip. I did my best to forget about the extra cost in departure tax from the BVI as the wind whipped through our hair and we crossed yet more turquoise waters.


After clearing US customs (funny how official everything was now that we were in a different country), we headed straight to the National Park Visitor Centre near the marina. The friendly folk there happily sold us some insect repellent and we picked up some maps.

Our main purpose for being in St John was hiking, hills and beaches. Luckily there are a few short trails that involve all of that.

We were a sweaty mess when we got to the look outs but the views were amazing. The trails were easy to find, well marked and I don’t remember us having any arguments about getting lost. Success!

st-john-004 st-john-006

The beaches were as gorgeous as we’d come to except from the Virgin Islands. We found a peaceful, shady spot on a white sand beach, perfect for lying down with a good book. Also a handy palm tree on which to hang my shorts.

st-john-013 st-john-014Happy hours with a book under a palm tree, interspersed with swims in clear turquoise waters, followed up with a fresh fruit smoothie. And nobody got sunburnt.

Does life get any better?


(And when can I go back?)


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