Iceland – The Golden Circle to Snaefellsnes Peninsula

The Last of the Golden Circle

Driving along winding roads, we passed calm still rivers and gushing waterfalls, seemingly at every turn. The day was still incredibly windy but there was a lot more sunshine. The sunshine seemed to bring even more clouds so Julie and I were keen to head north.

After turning off one minor road we came to an unusual looking peak. There didn’t seem to be too many cars so we pulled in (the cars and buses arrived moments later). We had found ourselves at Kerid.

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Shhhh. It’s a secret (lagoon)

I read about the Secret Lagoon in the Golden Circle on lots of blogs before my trip to Iceland so it’s definitely no secret anyone. But maybe nobody else is readying them (hello out there?) because it’s still a slice of peacefulness in what is the otherwise busy area of the Golden Circle.

The existence and location of the Secret Lagoon was confirmed by the lovely people at Skjol Camping (as well as a 10% discount for campers). Because the baths didn’t open until 11am, we had a lazy morning, watching the steam rising out of the ground at Geysir, like the steam rising over the cups of our tea and coffee.

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Iceland – The Golden Circle

Iceland is full of amazing places to explore, even in October, as winter sets in. The weather really dictated the course Julie and I travelled. The horrendous winds we faced (or body slammed) in Reykjavik were not buffeting the Golden Circle so we headed south east out of the city.

The Golden Circle

The Golden Circle is probably the most popular tourist route in Iceland. So, it’s busy but that doesn’t mean you should avoid it. It’s got some great examples of what makes Iceland (literally) – waterfalls, volcanic action and hot water.

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I Love a Campervan – Iceland

I love a campervan. Before I went to Iceland, I researched every company renting campervans (definitely not motorhomes) I could find. I quickly narrowed it down (mostly by price; it’s not a cheap country) and it was Go Iceland vs Happy Camper. With seemingly little to separate them, we went with Go Iceland, based purely on price. Here’s our review.

Okay, this is not in the parking lot in Reykjavik.

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