Barry having an impact in Bangkok

While I headed to Cambodia to teach (and learn!) the ins and outs of English grammar, Barry stayed behind in Vientiane to walk the dogs for the last couple of days of our housesitting assignment. Left to his own devices, he got more work done and ate most of the cake, while still getting up at sunrise to take the dogs to the swamp or the Mekong.


When Michael and his family returned, Barry chose not to follow me to Siem Reap but to head to Bangkok and do some good in the world. Impact48, the enterprise Barry started in Edinburgh, gathers volunteers together for 48 hours to create something meaningful for charity. It’s now gone international – January’s Impact48 was for an amazing wee charity in Thailand, In Search of Sanuk.

In Search of Sanuk are a truly inspiring group that directly provides food, shelter, and educational support for survivors of torture and trauma, focusing special attention on at risk women and girls.

Impact48 wasn’t affected by the political protests of ‘Bangkok Shutdown’ and the team had a successful weekend. Check out the story at

4 thoughts on “Barry having an impact in Bangkok

  1. Love this story!
    I want to join next Impact48 -whether in Edinburgh or maybe elsewhere.
    Lots of love to you and Barry. We’re having a haggis night at Michelle and Andy’s tonight so will be making a toast to you both as absent friends x

    • You definitely should – I think Barry is considering April in Edinburgh for the next one.

      Your Burns haggis night sounds great, and thanks for the toast! I’ll have a beer for you all this afternoon, in celebration of Australia Day.

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