My Books

I love travel. I also love cooking and baking. Sometimes these go together, sometimes they don’t.

At the height of the cupcake craze I wanted to open my own cupcake shop in protest against the cupcakes that had pretty icing but really bland cake. The cupcakes were so pretty and dainty and came with frosting a mile high. I love a bit of sugar but I also love flavour in my cakes and I found the store cupcakes a disappointment. I knew I made better cakes (even if I didn’t decorate as well).

But travelling and opening a cupcake shop don’t really go hand in hand. So instead of sharing the cake, I’m sharing my recipes. Manly cupcakes with grunt, not prissy cupcaks with icing. As a traveller books should always be in electronic format so you can take them everywhere with ease. You can buy Grrr. Cupcake. (cupcakes for men) on Amazon.


In a lot places I travel I don’t have access to an oven. In hostels, the ovens are not especially clean, are being used for pizza or I just feel bad about monopolising the appliances. In Asia there are no ovens at all. But there’s usually a stove top. And so my second book, Grrr. Slics (no oven required), was born. These treats are quick, easy and delicious and you don’t need to bake them. A stove top will do or a microwave in a pinch.

You can buy my second book in the Amazon Kindle store too. Happy no baking!

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