Bringing in the New Year – Mauritius

Bringing in the New Year

Mauritians take the new year seriously. They take fireworks seriously. There is not official organised fireworks night like London or Sydney (I think) but fireworks are legal so everyone organised their own fireworks. In the days leading up to 31 December, the streets were filled with people stocking up on firecrackers, rockets and all the other things that make a New Year celebration.

The fireworks started around 9pm, with a smattering of fireworks.

Being about 100 years old, Barry and I decided not to bother forcing ourselves to stay away until midnight. The locals had different ideas.

We abandoned sleep altogether around midnight and got up to watch all the neighbours letting off fire crackers and fireworks. It went on for about three hours. Pretty impressive (though Barry thought it was just mildly excessive). It felt like every person in town was setting rockets off. It was a clear night and we got a view of 360 degrees of fireworks. We could see bursts going off right across the island.

I hope nobody lost a finger.

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