The Costs – Another Week in Chiang Mai

I thought it might be useful to give a breakdown on what we’re spending our money on so that you can plan and save for your own travels. We’re on a pretty tight budget and watching the pennies so you can easily spend more than this. We’re travelling as a couple so things like accommodation can be cheaper than travelling alone. We do, however, require our hotels to have halfway descent wifi and a working space. We’re also working on the road so we’re not necessarily having as many of the ‘tourist experiences’ as others might.

Although we’ve since moved on from Chiang Mai, it was only a few weeks ago so the figures are still relevant and useful.



  • 0 Baht – (0 GBP) (0 Euros) (0 USD)

That monthly rate thing really started to pay off.


  • 360 Baht – (7 GBP) (8 Euros) (11 USD)

No major travel, a tuk tuk here and there.

Food and Drinks (non alcoholic):

  • 2733 Baht – (50 GBP) (62 Euros) (83 USD)

Almost identical to the previous.

Drinks (alcoholic):

  • 1230 Baht – (23 GBP) (27 Euros) (37 USD)

Up on the beers a bit. We might break the bank here!


  • 1377 baht – (25 GBP) (31 Euros) (42 USD)

Up on the cafes too. We’re either working harder or indulging more.

2013-12-06 14.03.50


  • 2440 baht – (45 GBP) (55 Euros) (74 USD)

Massage, tickets for Chiang Mai Smile Party, tickets for the Jazz Festival and we’re no longer boring!

Chiang Mai 054


  • 20 baht – (0.36 GBP) (0.45 Euros) (0.60 USD)

A load of washing – Barry is pleased I’m no longer handwashing everything.

TOTAL: 8160 BAHT – (149 GBP) (182 EUROS) (248 USD) 


How are you doing on your budget? I’d love to hear from other travellers on a shoestring.

*All transactions were conducted in Thai Baht. Currency conversions are approximate, rounded to the nearest whole, and calculated at the time of writing.*

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