Emerging from the cave

Sunday, 14 April 2013

After a few weeks of hibernating from the cold, wind and grey skies, things are looking up. (It was still snowing on Easter Sunday and I wimped out of a camping; a completely different experience to the 25 degrees and water skiing my family got.)

The sun came out last Saturday so despite my embarrassing hangover from a girls night out on the Friday, I dragged myself out of bed and to the train station and across the bridge in to Fife for some hill walking with my friend Sally and her pal who would prefer to remain anonymous as she was skiving for the day.

Ochils reduced-4

I was underprepared in the food stakes with only one sandwich, eight cold pancakes and a bag of lollies/sweeties/candy/bon bons/whatever, and two apples (very unlike me). Luckily Sally had cake and thermos of tea. We started near Dollar and wound our way past a castle and into the Ochills. I was hungry within about an hour. And Sally cracked a puddle of ice and nearly fell in. But there was lots of sunshine and no wind, the opposite of Edinburgh’s recent days so we were in good spirits.

Ochils reduced-2 Ochils reduced-3

It’s funny how the other side of a mountain can be a completely different story. Still quite a lot of snow where the sun doesn’t shine. We very sensibly changed our route because of it and headed downwards into Tillicoutry. A really nice day to blow the cobwebs away.

Ochils reduced-5

The grey days returned to Edinburgh the very next day which kept me hiding from the world again (that and the sniffles). At least until Thursday when I had to get up for work. That’s right, work. It’s probably been about six weeks since I was last gainfully employed (though I’m not sure two days of minimum wage can really be described as gainful). The pennies will certainly help when Barry and I go to Berlin on Tuesday. Yeah, us barely employed people need a break! Though it’s kind of a working holiday with the intention of creating some online businesses so I might be busier than ever. Watch this space…

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