Good morning, Vietnam

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

This is not a test…

Woke up in Saigon today. It’s a crazy, noisy, fun city. Cheap food is everywhere and our first meal was on a street side ‘cafe’, with low metal tables, plastic stools, and good noodles.

We’re staying in the middle of town in Guesthouse 96. It’s not as good as the pictures on hostelbookers made it look but it’s about a fiver each for a private room with a bathroom, television and fridge. A little bit like luxury backpacking. Except that the room doesn’t have any windows. We’ll be asking to change or leave soon. But decent wifi so we’ll see how we get on with the working thing. 

Today is our first day of trying to work properly and live. Okay, well Barry is working. I went to the Vietnamese/French bakery. And the market. Got a map and wandered around the city, along the dirty Saigon river and some tributaries. And I didn’t get killed crossing the road. I was a bit unsure this morning but within an hour I was crossing like a pro. It’s not as crazy here as Cairo but I still use a local person as a traffic buffer is there’s one there. Otherwise I just slowly mosey across the road and let the motorbikes and scooters dodge me.

I’m looking for work but get mixed reports about how easy it will be to find. A lot of advice seems to be to lie about how long I’m going to be here! Not sure about that but you never know…

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