Homeless: first stop, Bruges

Barry has rented out his flat for the Edinburgh Festival so, without a roof over our heads, we’ve hit the road. We arrived in Brussels yesterday and, with two days before our housesitting assignment starts, we took the train to Bruges/Brugge. It’s a beautiful, renovated, medieval style city. Very touristy but very relaxed. Also hot and sunny, which is nice (it started raining in Edinburgh a few days ago and has barely stopped).

Bruges 001

We’ve been very relaxed too and have spent most of our time wandering the cobblestoned streets, chilling out under trees in parks, eating waffles and chocolate. There are a few museums here but I’m content to spend my time outside.

Bruges 013

Bruges 010

Bruges 017

We have both been doing a bit of work today – Barry on Ezone stuff and I’m writing a cupcake recipe book. But after Berlin and realising that Europe does not have an abundance of free wifi, we haven’t been too stressed about getting online. Our experience of Bruges cafes so far are for eating not working (fair enough really).

But with the great weather and some offline work, the city is our oyster (or is our mussel here?). Right now, I’m writing this as we sit in a park by one of the many canals.

Bruges 024

Oh, yeah. I’m unemployed again. But I don’t seem to mind. Off for a beer now.

Bruges 008

2 thoughts on “Homeless: first stop, Bruges

  1. Loved my time in Bruges. You’ll have to come and visit us again in Sydney. Can’t wait to see that cupcake recipe book!

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