It’s all in the cloud – Berlin

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Barry and I are now living and working in Berlin. Okay, so it’s only for the next nine days but our intention here is not to be tourists but to test those remote working practices and, hopefully, create some new online businesses so we can both be location independent in the future.

Barry’s working on Ezone Software stuff and improving UtalkRaw (, his ultimate Frisbee podcast radio station and I’m trying to see if there’s anything I can do with and We’ve a few ideas on how to improve the sites and the information we’re putting out there but I’m not sure any of them are going to make me enough money to quit my day job (what day job? Hmmmm). But we’ll see. If the least we can do is put some quality information on the internet that people will find useful then we’ll probably be happy.

Day one and it seems to be going okay. We had originally planned to stay in an ecolodge out of town but after the long and cold winter the heating was broken and the lodge closed. So we’re in the ‘Flashpacker’ pad ( near the Zoological Gardens. It’s got great internet (there’s a wifi router in the room and everything) and a helpful owner with loads of cheap restaurant tips, so it should make a pretty good office. Along with the large number of workable cafes in the city, of course.

Sach’s restaurant and Capone’s pizza around Kantstrasse have given us what we need so far!

2013-04-17 13.43.14

(grumpy working Barry)

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