Kuala Lumpur, in pictures

After being a TV star (sort of…) the company flew me to Kuala Lumpur in order to catch my rearranged flight home to Australia. I spent a couple of days in KL before I flew. Unfortunately I was there over a weekend and missed the swing dancing nights. I would have liked to thank the scene for advertising the Penang opportunity!

KL is a big Asian city, very modern and developed (a complete seachange from Cambodia) and held few attractions for me; I much prefer the jungles of Borneo. Still, I made the most of it and spent a day wandering around the downtown area. As it was the end of Ramadan many buildings were closed. I didn’t get to go to the top of Petronas Towers, once the tallest buildings in the world. They still look good from the bottom.

Kuala Lumpur 001

There are some pretty cool looking buildings in KL, including the national mosque, which was also closed to visitors.

KL did provide me with nice food, good fruit and an interesting eco-hostel, PODS Backpackers. Unfortunately, that same hostel had bedbugs. I killed one walking along the wall in my room but luckily didn’t find any evidence in the bed. I didn’t appear to get bitten in the night and, having learnt my lesson in Cambodia, was careful about where I put my clothes. I’m pretty sure I didn’t pick up any hitchhikers to take home to Australia.

If you can afford a nicer hotel, there are certainly worse places to spend a day or two. If you get to go dancing, I bet it’s a lot of fun.

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