Race for Life – Edinburgh

I’m running the Race for Life on 16 June. Well, ‘running’ might not be the most accurate description. Perhaps ‘waddling’. Or ‘wiggling’. No, I haven’t gained an enormous amount of weight since you saw me last. I’ll be part of a 10 metre long, pink and yellow Chinese Dragon. That’s right. Dragon. 10 metres. Pink. Very pink.

The Dragonette Group was organised by my amazing friends Dr Michelle and Kerry. These two once danced the Race for Life, all 5 kilometres of the ups and downs of Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh. They’ve taken it a step (or two-step) further this year.

So last Friday evening five of the seven Dragonette’s convened at Dr Michelle’s for a costume making party. Michelle had dyed some bed sheets (okay, I’ll admit, they were supposed to be red but came out pink), I threw a yellow sheet into the mix and Kerry bought some hula hoops and the dragonhead she’s prepared earlier. Complete with LEDs.

Fuelled with awesome chilli (thanks, Michelle) and red wine (Kez), we happily measured, snipped, pinned and sewed our way to a 10 metre Chinese Dragon.


The Race for Life is a women only five kilometre run around Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh (actually they run them all over the UK) and raises money for Cancer Research UK. The focus in on fun rather than competition.

Fancy joining us? It’s £15 to enter and it’s for a good cause. There’s just too much cancer in the world these days. You can run solo or, if you fancy being a Dragonette, we might be able to squeeze you in!

You can also support the Dragonette’s by donating to Cancer Research UK:


Or better yet, come down to Holyrood on 16 June at 11am to see a Chinese Dragon wind its way up the hill!

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