Raining in Bangkok

We said goodbye to an unseasonably warm October in Scotland on Monday (though I could feel the icy winter coming), and arrived in a balmy Bangkok on Tuesday. We have hit the tail end of the rainy season and we’ve had some cracking thunder storms and torrential downpours.

We’ve been staying in a lovely apartment near the Chao Phraya River. The views would be amazing if it wasn’t for that rain!



But it feels quite local and there are loads of small cafes and restaurants. Being on this side of the river seems to be cheaper too. Barry and I had Thai curry noodles for lunch which was about £1 for both of us. Amazing.


Because of the rain (from a typhoon hitting Vietnam), and the fact that we don’t have to leave unless we’re ready, we have not been to any of the touristy things. We’ve been working (okay, Barry is working, I’m applying for online work), eating, walking the streets in the rain and swimming. Not a bad life.

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