Random thoughts from Hoi An & Da Nang

  • International Women’s Day is big in Asia – my tailor was closed, probably giving her the one day off a year she gets.

  • I wonder if tailors in Hoi An close during Tet?
  • I hate plastic takeaway cups when I’m sitting in the café. What’s wrong with giving me a glass?
  • Anthony Bordain thinks the best Banh Mi in Vietnam comes from Hoi An. He’s probably right, it was pretty good. But I think most banh mi are pretty good.

Banh Mi

  • Love the little old lady in the noodle market with her delicious bowls of cau lau for 20 000 dong.
  • Also the sugary doughnuts on every corner of Hoi An. Except when they’re stale.
  • Sand in your hair from being dumped by waves sticks around for ages and you wake up with the beach on your pillow.
  • People smile more in Da Nang and Hoi An and you can visibly see how more relaxed they are compared to folk in Saigon.
  • My feet and hands are super soft from running on the beach every day. And doing push ups on the beach. 600 of them. In an hour and a half. Barry did 1000.
  • Hoi An is full of folk renting out bicycles but I haven’t seen anyone doing it at My Khe beach, Da Nang. Business opportunity missed methinks.

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