Cycling in Cape Otway National Park

Our encounters with koalas continued. The good folk at Bimbi Park recommended their favourite mountain biking trail in the Otways and sent us off to find a long fire trail at the top of the Cape Otway National Park. Although it was muddy, wet and we didn’t have mountain bikes, we decided we (and our hybrids) were tough enough to tackle it anyway. On our way up the hilly main road, a koala literally walked across the road in front of us. He was big and crawled across the road like he owned it. Thankfully, the two cars we passed were aware of the possibility of wildlife crossing and slowed to a stop. The koala was too fast for my camera though.

It took us longer than expected to get to the top of the fire track. It felt like we were half way back to Apollo Bay. But we finally managed to find it and being the only people cycling along a leaf covered track, among the tall gum trees was an excellent way to spend a Wednesday.

Whales 122

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A Whale, a Whale – Whale Watching in Warnambool

At first, winter doesn’t seem like the best choice for a cycling holiday along the Great Ocean Road. But the blue skies and sunny days in July had us dreaming of cycling from Geelong to Warnambool in pleasant temperatures with few cars on the road and few tourists in our way. Oh, and Australia is expensive now so camping was going to be the order of the day. As long as we had a warm pub to spend the dark evenings in I’d be happy with that.

Whales 002

So Barry and I geared ourselves up with panniers, a pocket rocket stove, hiking tent and roll mats.

Unfortunately, by the time I finished my temp job in Heidelberg (with an hour of cycling at the end of each day it was also excellent ‘training’), the weather turned south just as we did.

Abort Plan A and enter Plan B.

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