Two Months in Paradise: Part 6 – Peter Island

Peter Island is home to an exclusive resort on a reasonably large island in the Caribbean. When you’re living with your friend in Tortola, you don’t have to pay a small fortune to stay there, you can just hop a boat and turn up on the beach.


Claudia made good use of the spa facilities (and golf cart – she had run lots and lots of miles the day before) while Barry and I explored the less developed parts of Peter Island on foot.

We began the ‘sunset’ walk at midday which was probably a pretty stupid time to begin walking up hills, even if the paths were wide and long. The path is unsheltered but does have seats along the way and small water tanks. Woop!

We got a great view of the classic crescent shaped bay.


We rewarded ourselves with lunch in the beach bar, lounging by the water and swimming amongst the rays (that’s right).

peter-island-005(We still didn’t get sunburnt.)

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