Warnambool & The Great Ocean Road

Warnambool is a great place to watch whales, see shipwrecks and have your hair blown off as you walk the pier. Visiting in the middle of winter with only brief spells from the rain didn’t stop Warnambool from being photogenic, with great colours.

Whales 046


Whales 047

Warnambool – you can see seals up close here!

Whales 051

It’s windy though

Whales 053


Whales 055

Warnambool – how do you get to that island?

Whales 068

(Did we mention we saw whales and it made us happy?)

Whales 069

Bay of Martyrs – Great Ocean Road

Whales 074

Bay of Martyrs – Great Ocean Road

Whales 089

London Bridge (fell down) – this used to be connected until erosion caused a collapse, stranding some visitors on the wee bit in the middle of the ocean. They were rescued by helicopter.

Whales 095

The Arch – yes, it is.

Whales 100

Loch Ard Gorge, Great Ocean Road. I’m not especially happy with the rain.

Whales 103

Loch Ard Gorge – where Eva Carmichael and Tom Pearce were washed ashore.

Whales 110

The 12 Apostles – one, two, three, four…..

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