Where’s the freakin’ cloud? Berlin

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Would you believe that it’s actually easier to get connected to work in Vietnam than it has been in Berlin? Inside the JetPak hostel we’ve had success, been able to Skype and do everything else we need to conduct and create business. Outside is a whole different story.

Barry and I have spent an incredibly unproductive day looking for a cafe from which to work. Some connections drop out at regular intervals, some connections require coaxing to connect to phones but then refuse to connect to laptops, some are broken and some are non-existent. It’s been really frustrating. We eventually resorted to working from Barry’s conference hotel, only to find that wifi is not free and the basic package is slow and can only be used on one device anyway. I managed to get onto some kind person’s unrestricted wifi hotspot until they wandered away. I bet Barry is wishing he’d stayed in a hostel near to the conference instead of the hotel.

2013-04-19 14.21.47

I’ll have to go back to writing some more content offline so the day is not a complete waste. So much for our ‘working holiday’. Oh well.

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