Who am I?

Simone Gribble

Hello, I’m Simone Gribble, a girl with itchy feet, trying to explore the world (on a budget). I’m from Australia and have also lived in Papua New Guinea, England, Scotland and Czech Republic. I have a soft spot for warm countries and continents, despite the fact that I spend a lot of time in Scotland.


I started writing The Track & Off It as a way for family and friends to keep up with where I am and to let them know I’m still alive and enjoying the jungle.


When I’m researching new places I’ve found other people’s blogs to be quite helpful and contain a little gem which made my life easier and helped me make a choice. But it was time consuming and, at times, hard to find these valuable insights. So I started the Travel Tips section as a way for people to find information in one place and for readers to share their experiences and suggestions. So go ahead, share yours.


My other loves are cycling, crochet and baking. There’s surely a place in the world for all these things to coexist?